How To Mow Your Lawn

Believe it or not, there is a right and wrong way to mow your lawn. Here are some techniques I have learned to help to make your yard look great.

If you are not completely satisfied with the way your lawn looks after you have mowed it, there may be some simple reasons why your lawn is not looking its best. Getting the best results from your lawn mowing efforts takes skill and practice. Operating it carelessly can leave you with an average-looking lawn despite your best intentions.

lawn careAlways make sure your blades are sharp and balanced. If the blades are not sharp they do not cut the lawn as efficient a sharp blades will and leave blades of grass longer than others giving the lawn an uneven appearance. Also, unbalanced blades can cause your cut to be uneven and can also result in scalping the grass.

Keep your wheel lines as straight as possible. Do not travel across the lines in the yard in order to get to an area of grass that may have been missed. Instead finish the row you are in and use the edges of the yard to travel up and down the lawn to return to the row in which the area of grass is that you missed.

If you are bagging your grass clippings, make sure to empty the bag often so it doesn’t get too full and cause the lawnmower to leave piles of clippings behind. If you do not do this you will either have to run the mower over the piles of clippings with an empty bag to pick the excess up or rake the excess up and hand remove it from the yard.

Don’t cause extra work for yourself. Do it right the first time.